Let Freedom Ring

July 4th will be here soon and it has become tradition for us to attend the local parade with our kids and two granddaughters. Every year has been fun and a little different. The first year the temperature was nearly 100 degrees and there was no shade except from the umbrella we stuck in the ground to protect the girls. My page from this day shows a couple red cheeked little girls who took it better than we did. The next year our younger granddaughter cried because of the loud trucks and fire engine sirens. And last year they loved the cool freeze pops that were handed out on occasion better than the candy. I should explain that during parades in our area of Wisconsin the people riding in vehicles, on floats or walking throw candy to the kids along the route. I can’t tell you how this started but I image you know that the kids (and some adults) love it.

I realize not everyone celebrates America’s Independence Day, but for those of you like me who do this kit is just for you. It is perfect for creating pages from picture of your parade, fireworks, family cookout, etc. I think you get the idea.

So Let Freedom Ring as you enjoy creating your own memorable, patriotic themed pages with this newest kit. Find it at www.fullcircledigitaldesigns.com

Preview Preview_paper Preview_words

Patriotic_SheboyganFlag FreedomRing_July4_2014


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