Summer Solstice – I’m Chillin’

I live for summer! I love the long days, warm sunshine and dark rumbley thunderstorms. Chillin takes me back to simple summers, playing outside, riding my bike, swimming at the pool and eating icy treats to cool off.

Today marks the beginning of summer so remember to slow down and take in the best today has to offer. I think I’ll be slurping a cool treat later today. How about you?

Happy summer!

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Squeeeal! SWEET PEA is New in the Shop!

Sweet Pea is one of my favorite flowers. They smell wonderful and are pretty trailing their way around a trellis or other plants. It’s also the nickname I think of for a sweet little girl 🙂

So I chose soft little girl colors and added watercolor and glitter within the elements of this kit.  Check it out in the shop and let me know what you think.

Do you have a sweet pea in your life to scrap about?

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