The color pallette in this kit was a stretch for me because I tend to choose a pallette that gives me a little of everything to work with. But I like the results. These colors say “happy” to me.

Fabric textures, stitching and hand-drawn elements are a huge part of this kit. And it doesn’t matter what the kit theme is I always want buttons. Lots of them 😉 The buttons and yarn came from a box of supplies I have for my own crafty pleasure. Now you can enjoy some crafty fun without adding any clutter to your closet.

I’m off to do some scrapping and then get out and enjoy this beautiful Memorial Day weekend. I hope you do too!

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Fun Scrapbook Potential

Yesterday the kids came over for a visit. It was one of the first nice days this spring to enjoy some outdoor fun. And we sure did that. Watching our granddaughters play is always entertaining and prime potential for scrapbook-able photos.

Here are just a few 😀

May4fun2 May4fun3 May4fun4 May4fun5 May4fun6 May4fun7 May4fun8

Their smiles warm my heart. It was a great day!