Help for my Photos

As I took classes and became more skilled creating scrapbook layouts the natural next step was to find ways to improve my photos too.

In that process I heard about Capture Your 365, a free photo-a-day project started by Katrina Kennedy. On her website she shares many tips and tricks to help you take better photos and gives pointers on how to get through the year and feel successful. But the bottom line is the process is different for every person and there really are no rules, no pressure. Just fun. You can start at any point and do what makes you happy.

The photo-a-day process has turned out to be good practice with the camera for me. I’ve tried new techniques and I’m always inspired by the many beautiful photos in the gallery. It has changed how I think when I’m behind the camera. Many times its the little day to day moments that provide the best photos.

If you enjoy photography like I do and are looking for a fun way to challenge yourself with your camera you may just want to check out CY365.

And, although I’ve scrapped some pages without photos, for me the calculation continues to be…PHOTO(S) + DIGITAL GOODIES = AWESOME SCRAPBOOK LAYOUT 😉


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